I began freelance voice acting in August of 2020.
Since then, I have professionally voiced a number of roles in video games, animations, 
and audio dramas, as well as a few commercial voiceovers.
2023 Visual REEL
EQUIPMENT: Shure SM58 Cardioid XLR Microphone, Komplete Audio 6 Interface
SOFTWARE: Adobe Audition, Audacity, Studio One, Cakewalk
​​​​​​​Pyromancer in Wicked Wizards
Narration for Bradley University Indiecade 2021 Video
William Afton in Stitched
William Afton in Springbonnie's Park
Diemen in Friendsim 2
Zebruh in Friendsim 2
William Afton in Springbonnie's Shadow
Deadpool in Avengers: Extinction
Jerma in Siivagunner’s Curse of the Fallen Angel
Herbert West in The Cult of Proto
Cassette Guy and Hand-Unit in Siivagunner's FNaF Album Announcement​​​​​​​
Chris in The Dinner
Chameleon in Mission Impawssible
Hitman in The Hit
Cyrus for Galactic Grunts
NCR Recruiter in Fallout: NV Mod New Love Radio
Narrator in The Clergymen 
Illsar Aegno, the Dragon Lord in Destiny's Divide
Zyn, Lord of the Dark Elves in Destiny's Divide
Peasant in Destiny's Divide
Some additional projects I've been in on YouTube

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